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David and the wonderful Paul Eiding acting out a very important moment from the MGS series.

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Recreate scenes from MGSV: Ground Zeroes with this figure set by Kotobukiya

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Metal Gear title sequences in chronological order


Choose a companion.  
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Choose a companion.  

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MGS Scrapped characters


With Kojima hinting that a previously scrapped character may return in future titles, let’s take a look at all the Shinkawa’s unused concept arts.




Chinaman was an abducted child raised in the streets of NY chinatown, where he learned several techniques such as Kung Fu and Chi Kung, which would  allow him to control his body height, walking on water, walls and more. According do Shinkawa, he used “secret Oriental techniques” After joining the Navy SEALs he became Dead Cell’s close combat specialist.

Chinaman was supposed to be a Boss in the Plant chapter of Sons of Liberty, taking place where Raiden engages Vamp near the end. He had a dragon tattoo that would come to life in contact with water and the ability to send sharks after Raiden at the underwater sections of the game. Mostly of his abilities in the final version ended up with Vamp.

Even though he has not appeared in-game, Chinaman is a canonical character, and was one of the members of Dead Cell killed prior to the events of the Plant Chapter.

Old Boy, or Old MAn


Just as Chinaman, Oldboy too was a canonical Dead Cell operative killed six months before the Plant Takeover.

He was a war legend who fought in the second world war, had more that a hundred years, and was originally supposed to be Big Boss mentor. The character concept would latter be splitted into two: The End and The Boss, so is very unlikely that he will make another appearance in the Metal Gear Series.

He makes a brief cameo in the 2005 IDW MGS 2 comic book adaptation.

Doctor William Wilson, Doc


Doc was the developer of Arsenal Gear, a brilliant mathematician with an exceptional past in AI development. He was supposed to be the tech/AI expert Codec contact for Raiden, providing information for his equipment and artificial intelligence. This character concept would later be reused in Metal Gear Rising as the Doktor.


Another unused codec contact in MGS2. In addition to physically resemble Mei Ling, Max was also to save Raiden’s progress throughout the game and quote William Shakespeare proverbs, just as May Ling’s Chinese ones. The progress saving role ended up with Raiden’s girlfriend Rosemary.



Little is known about Snake-man, since he is a Metal Gear Solid 4 unused character and unlikely the characters above, didn’t appear at any documentary about game development. This picture is in the especial book Metal Gear Solid 4: Master Art Works, only available in Japan.

His face resemble Raiden’s while his suit looks like the one Solidus used in 2009. He had no space to be a Boss battle in my opinion, since the Bosses of MGS 4 were from the Beauty and the Beast unit, so maybe this is the original concept art for Raiden, before it was decided he had become a Ninja after the events of Sons of Liberty.



This was another character found at the Metal Gear Solid 4 book, and as Snake-man, we have little information about him.

As we can see his concept art contains both masked and unmasked drawings, and when unmasked, he is a very beautiful man. That could mean he could be the inicial design for Johnny Sasaki.



Vamp was to be a woman!

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