MGS4: Akio Ohtsuka and Chikao Ohtsuka


The final scene of MGS4 with Solid Snake meeting with Big Boss was performed between veteran seiyuu Akio Ohtsuka and Chikao Ohtsuka. As most Metal Gear fans know, Akio is the long time Japanese voice actor for Solid Snake. For the scene mentioned, Big Boss was voiced by Chikao Ohtsuka, a long time veteran voice actor notably known for his roles in One Piece and in the original 1971 Lupin III series. 

The two Ohtsukas had apparently experienced a falling out some years before and were not on good terms. To remedy this and to apply the theme of a strained relationship between a father and son, Kojima arranged for the two men to appear together. The full scene can be viewed on YouTube here.

It doesn’t get much more realistic and meaningful than that, folks.

I gave up my body and my child for my country. There is nothing left inside me now. Nothing at all. No hatred, not even regret.



listening to calling to the night and heavens divide again reminds me how much was already foreshadowed there. both talk about a storm to come, cttn also mentiones human ashes that remain as a perfect memory

heavens divide in particular is really rather straightforward about BB having some…


"You’ve left everything behind - your country, your identity, your past and ideas… but there’s one thing you haven’t let go of."

A hero of war,
is that what they see?
Just medals and scars,
so damn proud of me


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